Hello everyone, its little long. But here I come up with something new.  We spend so much on our makeup and beauty products without even realizing that we can actually save those extra bucks by replacing those oh-so-expensive beauty products with household stuff. So today i will be discussing some of the good uses of using ice cubes. We know ice cubes are bad for throat but they have some commendable benefits for skin. So let’s discover how can we make the most of it !

Beauty uses of ice

  • Minimize large pores


    I am blessed with good skin, but i know the pain my friends go through when they get pimples specially the ones with oily skin. But now you won’t need to worry much about the appearance of large pores and those ugly pimples. Ice cubes are our new BFF to make them smaller. For the ones with oily skin, it will prevent the skin from producing excess oil. Take two cubes of ice, wrap it and start massaging with it gently.

  • Fight a pimple


Hold an ice on your annoying pimple for some time. This shrinks the size of your pimple and gives relief from the pain caused by acne. It reduces the redness too. Pricking a pimple is risky, it leaves scars on your face, so instead of pricking it, try shrinking it with an ice cube.

  • Sunburn

    images (1)

We have to go out everyday. Thus we are bound to get sunburn compared to those who keep themselves under the shade ( of course :). To give a relief and a cooling effect to the irritation, you’ll simply need to wrap some ice cubes in a clean wash cloth and apply them over the affected areas. This reduces the sun burn marks and gives a cooling effect. It reduces the redness and irritation too.

  • Works as a Primer


Every makeup lover must try this. Use ice cube all over your face and specially the pores. After a few minutes, the pores will shrink and will be minimized under makeup. This allows your makeup last longer giving a smooth finish and also prevents excessive sweating.

  • Reduces wrinkles and eye bags

    Correction of wrinkles on half of faceEither Lack of sleep due to that late night work or because you party all night, the first thing you’ll notice early in the morning when you look in the mirror is the appearance of dark circle. It makes you look tired and sometimes unwell too. So all you need to look good is 2 ice cubes. Rub it gently on your face and you are good to go.

Please don’t use more than a couple of cubes and don’t forget to wrap it in a soft, clean cloth instead of using it directly onto your skin. 🙂🙂

Which one amongst these will you be doing often? Do let me know in the comments below.  🙂

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Author: Sneha Gupta

Hello there, I am Sneha Gupta. Although I am a finance student but I always love to experiment with fashion. "theffortlessbeauty" is my perception to fashion and beauty, how can one stick to a budget, do minimal makeup and still look beautiful. I believe that theres nothing called standard beauty. Flaws are awesome. So "Be Flawsome

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