“You are never fully dressed without perfume!” ― C. Joy Bell C.


I love quotes and I love the one mentioned above because it totally relates to me. Perfumes and body sprays are important for those sunny morning which turns to sweaty days. Fragrances do much more than make you smell good; they evoke memories and create experiences. Continue reading “STUDIO WEST BODY SPRAYS”


Must haves in a Handbag

must haves in a handbag


Hello everyone,

Like any ordinary day I was arranging my bag before going out and I realised that my handbag is such an important part of my day to day life.



So the items today I am going to write about are the things I keep in my Handbag for day to day use. My red quilted bag from Lavie is my most precious possession. I am in love with it since the day I bought this. It is long lasting, easy to use and has one main compartment with 2 zip pockets and 2 slip pockets. So you can make out how spacious it is inside. Talking about Lavie, we know how good the brand is and so I know this is going to last for years.

So, the first thing i keep in my bag is my Leder Land purse. This was a gift from my boyfriend on V-Day (blush-blush). Blue is my friend colour and you can never go wrong with leather. I use this purse every day.  This again is very spacious and it fits in so much. It goes with each and every handbag and can be used as a clutch too.

The  second item is my makeup bag. I will always carry a few makeup items with me, just in case I need to touch up any areas. This includes my Lotus Natural Colour kick kajal, Lakme Absolute Plum Lip Gloss and Lakme Compact. I am always ready with these three basic items in my bag .

Now coming to some serious and practical things. I always make sure that I have a hand sanitizer and a deodorant in my bag. Smelling good is of the most important thing. And so its important to keep one in your bag all the time. At the same time, its important to keep your hands clean all the time. 

The final item would me my sunglasses and contact lens solution. If you use lenses you would know how important it is to carry your solution. My sunglasses certainly are not a one season wear that’s for sure. I always like to try and take out a pair of sunglasses with me wherever I am going, just in case the weather changes!

So that’s all I have in my bag. Do write in the comments below if I missed anything. Till then keep evolving to become a better version of yourself.

love !