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There are some fashion trends which are dying out ( like Earcuffs, chokers etc). Block heels are trendy and timeless. They are sweet and ladylike and is the most worn pair by all celebrities.  If you want to build yourself a shoe wardrobe, these  pairs  are must have.

Block heels are of two main styles:– Pumps  and Others.

The pair of heels which i am wearing is from Metro (MRP-1990). These are comfortable and were available in two colour. I chose the colour blue so that I can pair them up with a number of outfits. They are pure love.

Hence every girl must own at least one pair of block heels. They are safer than pencil heels and so the ones who want to wear high heels but are scared of the high length of the heels can opt for block heels.

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Here are some similar heels for you.

Colourblock Heeled sandal

Mrp- 909

Colour block Heeled Sandal
available on ajio

Women Melbourne Cream Heels

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Block Heeled two part sandal

Mrp- 1820

Available on Shein

Colorbar Nailpaints Review

4 colorbar nailpaint for 250. link inside


Hey Loves,

Hope all of you are rocking!

Recently I bought a Colorbar Nail Lacquer shade-192 and I am already loving it. Until now, I was using different shades of my Lakme nailpaint and i love them a lot, but this time I thought of trying some other brand. Moreover i even came across an offer where 4 wonderful shades of nailpaints were offerred for 250 only. Okay i know this sounds unbelievable but its true. Four shades of Colorbar Nailpaints for just Rs250/- (link below)


Product Description:

COLORBAR Nail Lacquer


Rs. 200 for 6 ml (varies depending upon whether its shimmer or gel)

Shelf Life:

24 Months


Glass container. Easy to carry in handbags.


The consistency is thinny liquid. Apply 2 coats for better finish.


Matte nail lacquer: The matte nail paints by Colorbar have one of the best matte finish. It gives a very dry matte look after drying. However, it fades after 2-3 days and looks very dull so i don’t use this much but yes definitely must have for matte nail paint lover.

Wonder gel : These are gel based and glossy to look at. The glossy finish of wonder gel looks nice but nothing extraordinary about it. Extreme high gloss effect which remains fresh even after 2 days of wear. Dries within 50 seconds for the first coat. It stays for up to 7-8 day.

Shimmer : All Shimmer nailpaints are almost the same. Colorbars is also one of them. However the range of colors is good. I prefer highlighting with Shimmers than using it on all ten fingers. But,the toughest part is to remove this nail paint out as glitters doesn’t come out easily.

Rapid Dry top coat : Well, this is the best among the lot. This lacquer is to be applied like any regular nail paints, over a different nailpaint. This works as a nailart and you don’t need to spend extra bucks for it. This creates amazing textured crackle looking designs on finger nails. It dries quickly.

So I hope you like this review and you get 4 colorbar pop heart nailpaints worth Rs 500 for just 250 !! Here’s the link

click here

Which one is your favorite from these??? Let me know guys.

Loads and Loads of Hugs & kisses

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