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all about block heels


There are some fashion trends which are dying out ( like Earcuffs, chokers etc). Block heels are trendy and timeless. They are sweet and ladylike and is the most worn pair by all celebrities.  If you want to build yourself a shoe wardrobe, these  pairs  are must have.

Block heels are of two main styles:– Pumps  and Others.

The pair of heels which i am wearing is from Metro (MRP-1990). These are comfortable and were available in two colour. I chose the colour blue so that I can pair them up with a number of outfits. They are pure love.

Hence every girl must own at least one pair of block heels. They are safer than pencil heels and so the ones who want to wear high heels but are scared of the high length of the heels can opt for block heels.

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Here are some similar heels for you.

Colourblock Heeled sandal

Mrp- 909

Colour block Heeled Sandal
available on ajio

Women Melbourne Cream Heels

Available on Flipkart

Block Heeled two part sandal

Mrp- 1820

Available on Shein


why is it important to shop during SALE


Shopping is one thing which all of us love to do. We girls don’t need a reason to do so. The shopping season has begun and its raining discounts everywhere, so here i come up with some reasons to shop during sale.

  1. You have our own wishlist ready and you don’t end up buying useless things.
  2. Almost every brands slash their prices  during this season and this is the right time for you to upgrade your wardrobe.
  3. This is the best time to buy those overpriced stuffs like jeans, bags, shoes etc. which are used all through the year and doesn’t go out of style.
  4.  SALE comes up with more than 40% discount which is more than a good bargain.
  5.  We have a series of occassion  ready just after the SALE so its best to buy your favourite outfits for all occassion.
  6. SALE is the best time to buy gifts for family and friends in bulk. Buying  in bulk would fetch some extra discounts. Discount on Discounts! sounds so good.
  7. Shop during SALE because I can give 10 more reasons to do so!!
  8. Its the best time to come out of your comfort zone and try investing in something you wouldn’t normally buy.


So, with all these great reasons to shop during SALE, it makes no sense not to buy something for you or for someone else, regardless of whether you are shopping online or offline!

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