Hello everyone, its little long. But here I come up with something new.  We spend so much on our makeup and beauty products without even realizing that we can actually save those extra bucks by replacing those oh-so-expensive beauty products with household stuff. So today i will be discussing some of the good uses of using ice cubes. We know ice cubes are bad for throat but they have some commendable benefits for skin. So let’s discover how can we make the most of it !

Beauty uses of ice

  • Minimize large pores


    I am blessed with good skin, but i know the pain my friends go through when they get pimples specially the ones with oily skin. But now you won’t need to worry much about the appearance of large pores and those ugly pimples. Ice cubes are our new BFF to make them smaller. For the ones with oily skin, it will prevent the skin from producing excess oil. Take two cubes of ice, wrap it and start massaging with it gently.

  • Fight a pimple


Hold an ice on your annoying pimple for some time. This shrinks the size of your pimple and gives relief from the pain caused by acne. It reduces the redness too. Pricking a pimple is risky, it leaves scars on your face, so instead of pricking it, try shrinking it with an ice cube. Continue reading “USES OF ICE CUBES”


Painting the town “YELLOW”

7 must have yellow stuffs. Most of it costs less than 1000.

Hi ladies,

How are you. I hope all of you are doing well. Okay I am just two blog old but I am really happy with the response I got for the last one. So here I am with my third piece of writing. I recently bought a bright yellow cotton kurta and its very pretty. So I thought of writing my next on this. We all know that cotton is very comfortable to wear and specially during summer. It doesn’t cling to the skin and allows the body to breathe. We seldom find that comfort in any other fabric. Talking about the colour yellow we know that it is bright and represents hope, cheerfulness, optimism and fun. So here is some of my personal favourite yellow outfits from various shopping sites which are affordable and yet gives you a super chic look. They have beautiful designs and the comfort is an add on. I have added bag and footwear too.

  1. Straight Kurta with Front Slit


This is a basic yellow kurta which can be paired with white palazzo (as shown in the picture) or white leggings. This can be wore in office as it is a simple plain kurta. Pair this with flat sandals and you are ready to rock the office look. If You have an after office date or an outing with friends pair this kurta with white brogues and you get that chic look. ( okk i have a similar one in blue, you can see that picture on my instagram profile). You can buy this from for just rs. 799. Product Code: 440739205007.

2.  BIBA Yellow Panelled High-Low A-Line Kurta


This is a traditional high low kurta. High-Low have been in trend for quite some time now. So if you are creating a collection of yellow, this kurta is a must have for all of us. This BIBA kurta is available on myntra for just Rs. 649. Grab it soon. ( Message to myself- If you dont get your size, buy the one which is available and get it customised. Hahaha.. )

3. Yellow Pom Pom Off-shoulder Top


Ok i personally don’t like Pom-Poms much but again this is much in demand specially amongst college goers. So if  you are looking for an off shoulder top with pom poms you can grab this. Although this is not cotton but pretty comfortable. Available on for just Rs 850

4. Yellow Colour Blocked Maxi


Maxi Dress is one of my all time favourite dress. Best thing about it is that u can wear a maxi dress for almost all occassion. Be it a casual sunday outing with friends or an evening party you have one for every occassion. If one of  your office mate suddenly invites you party at his place and you worrying about those unwanted hair on your legs, a maxi dress comes to rescue. lol. If you want to save yourself from the heat outside, then you can always think of a maxi dress and prevent those beautiful legs from getting tanned. talking about material , its cotton and super comfy. Colour blocking is an added beauty to this. Available on mynta for 1249. Product Code-1444585

5.Brogues with Lace-Up Styling


Brogues are definitely in. It goes with almost anything. you can wear this a boyfriend jeans, black leather pants, shorts, skirts, etc. This brogues has stacked heels so its both comfortable and steamy. Grab this from for Rs. 1699 (colours available)

6. Amber Skirt


Okay this is one of my personal favourite. A classic yellow long skirt. The fabric is woven cotton and linen, so be rest assured about the comfort. You can pair this with a white full sleeves top or a crop top, flat sandals and minimal accessories and get that flirtatious look. Available on stalkbuylove for Rs. 1399.

7.  Lavie Yellow P.U. Sling Bag


This is an alluring and graceful sling bag is from Lavie. Do i really need to write about it..? Umm i dont think so. When it comes to Lavie, we never have two thoughts in our mind. We know its just perfect. So this sling bag is definitely a must have. You know the best thing about it? Its available for Rs. 980 only. Steal this deal from Snapdeal now. Buy now think later.

Remedies to remove sun tan in summer

Summer is here. One of the biggest problem during summer is Skin tanning. So here are some natural ways to protect your skin.


Tomatoes are good for skin tanning. Infact its good for all kinds of skin problem in some way or the other. Tomatoes have a high water content and so it moisturizes our skin and keep it healthy and shiny. Take a few drops of tomato juice and apply it on your face with a cotton ball. It contains a high amount of Vitamin C which is helpful for skin brightening.



Cucumber mostly contains water. it also contains large amount of ascorbic acid which is found useful for skin, hair, eyes etc. It helps in revitalizing the skin, removes tan and controls puffness of the eyes.



Lemons are an ideal beauty product. They are anti bacterial. They help treat acne and brightens and lightens the skin. For best results use lemon juice with honey.


download (2)

Potato juice is good for tan removal. It can also be used to remove skin blemishes. It cure pimples, tan and spots on the skin. Water used to clean potatoes can be used to clean hand and legs. People with dry skin can drink one glass of potato juice daily to protect skin from the toxins.


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Papaya is the best source of vitamin A which aids in tan removal and dead skin cells. It keeps the skin hydrated. Consumption of papaya on a regular basis adds an everlasting shine on the skin.



Curd is the best home made remedy for people with dry skin. Curd is rich in lactic acid, which helps to improves skin complexion and makes it softer and more radiant. It removes tan and adds a glow to the skin.



Honey has anti-bacterial properties. When used with the other ingredients, can also be used as a moisturizer. It has anti ageing properties too.



Ice cubes the most cost efficient way for tan removal. Rubbing the ice cubes on the tanned area for a few minutes can be very helpful.



Regular use of grinded almonds with rose water and lemon gives the best results. It also nourishes the skin.

10. MILK


Milk contains lactic acid which fades sun tan within a few days.  It also hydrates the skin.